Asking students to build a website can be very time consuming, labor intensive, and frustrating, but it can also be incredibly rewarding giving students the opportunity to take ownership of their own space on the Internet. Domain of One’s Own, a project by Reclaim Hosting, gives faculty and students to buy and register their own domains and to install over a hundred free, open source tools geared toward education and authorship. Whittier College is launching its own Whittier.Domains project which will give faculty and students a robust platform for hosting any number of digital projects, from course sites to research projects to digital portfolios. We suggest examining the documentation offered by Reclaim and other schools for ideas to help design the course and learn the platforms. If you’re ready to get started, or just want to get your feet wet reach out the the DigLibArts team!

Whittier.Domains Documentation

Domain of One’s Own Documentation @ Emory University
This extensive site offers general information, tutorials, and important information on digital citizenship and ethics.

Domain of One’s Own by Reclaim Hosting

Curated History Sites – History 300, Nat Zappia

Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It?“, Andrew Rikard