Assignment Repositories

DS 106 Assignment Bank, Jim Groom, et al.

A crowdsourced library of assignments created by students, instructors, and individuals interested in the proto-MOOC Digital Storytelling 106, taught by Jim Groom. A rich resource for coming up with assignment or activity ideas that is largely created by students.

The Pedagogy Project, HASTAC Scholars

A collaborative digital resource produced by HASTAC Scholars that collects tried-and-true digital projects and activities in a range of classes.

FemTechNet Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Pedagogy Workbook, FemTechNet

A collaborative resource of syllabi, assignments, readings, and media to support the teaching of race, gender, and technology. Curated by FemTechNet, and accepting submissions on a rolling base.

Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments, Modern Language Association

A collection of keywords written by digital pedagogues and edited by digital humanities scholars, Including Rebecca Frost Davis (Saint Edward’s University), Matthew K. Gold (Graduate Center, CUNY), Katherine D. Harris (San José State University), Jentery Sayers (University of Victoria). Each keyword curated 10 artifacts including readings, assignments, syllabi, and additional resources to teach that keyword.